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Thank you to our host Brother Hugh Coward, President/Treasurer Michigan Building & Construction Trades Council and to the West Michigan Construction Alliance representing the West Michigan B.C.T.C. and Southwest Michigan B.C.T.C. for hosting the Labor Rising Program.

IUOE Local 324, IronWorkers Local 25, Smart Local 7, IBEW Local 131, IBEW Local 445, UA Local 333, Roofers Local 70, BAC Local 2, Insulators Local 47, LIUNA Local 335 and Michigan State Building Trades Council.

Labor Rising/Labor Combat training has now trained in excess of 300 local unions. Time to break the “good ole boy” network and WIN!

We are asked all the time why the International Directors of Market Development/Organizing continue to refuse to come and participate in this program? Well Brother Bernie Evers, Ironworkers, Virgil Hamilton, IBEW, Jordan Ritenour, Roofers, Brett McCoy, UA, Steve Nelms, BAC, Dan Stepano, OPMCIA, Greg Davis, LIUNA, Kyle Evenson, Boilermakers, James Biagini, Elevator Constructors, Todd Dunnahoe, Heat & Frost, Randy Eppard, Carpenters – that is also Labor Risings question? We have the same question for many of the state leaders? We have the same question for many of the state leaders?

We have given millions of membership dollars to Breslin and other experts, only to have a “net” lower market share over the last 2 decades; and yet I/O’s continue to refuse to attend the Labor Rising/Labor Combat training that all but 2 of 679 participants from now 305 Building Trades Unions have consistently reviewed as the best training available.

BTW – Labor Rising/Labor Combat charge’s approx $50 an hour when you do the math – because we are Organizers and not vendors!

Shout out to Ms. Brenda Woodman for all her hard work and co-ordination

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