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The aggressive and full time recruitment of select union Building Trades workers is now in full swing. Firms like Tradesmen International, I Hire Building Trades, Aerotek, Trillium and now several more are actively pursuing our best and most diverse union tradespersons.

We have direct information & confirmation from 2 sources; the first source is from electronic dumpster dives of some of these companies in the Deep Web.

The second source is from social media outreach. If you would please review this Blog posted the month we started – May 2012. This was part of Labor Combat/Labor Rising’s research for our book started in Sept. 2007.!2726&authkey=!AMv6zDqFHbbhidw&ithint=file%2cdocx

483 tradesperson where part of this initial research work. These are NOT TWIC card and secured site workplaces that are referenced in the 2012 White Paper. This level of information we thought then – and now know, is to ascertain information needed to identify union building trades workers for recruitment to the non-union. Ready trained, highly skilled, diverse population, vetted and job tested.

In various forms, the end-users, developer, construction manager, general contractors and others have been collaborating with recruitment agencies to identify union tradespersons for recruitment by anti/non-union construction companies.

So my Brother & Sister Facebook and Mail Chimp armies, we need your help. If you have direct knowledge of on-going and direct recruitment please PRIVATE Message me on Facebook and/or send me an email @

We WILL NOT use any names unless permission is granted. We need direct information of those who have been contacted, those that have been recruited and are now working non-union, and those that have given referrals for other union workers.

We already know that the continuing decline of union work along with protracted periods of working on the road along with a few other factors have combined to put your union status in the JAWS!

To our BM, Agents, Reps & Organizers that run across union workers on non-union jobs please/please consider giving us a number on what you see in the field in your own jurisdiction.  We need numbers!!! Credible numbers from those that know.

This is the only research like this being done and is critical in ascertaining “IF” there is a tipping point for the non-union to erode yet more market share especially in the commercial and industrial big ticket work.

We have received a lot of info from big cities and most notably New York regarding this very aggressive and corrosive situation. This looks like a template to us and can/will be used in other union cities!

Also I personally am back in the field, the pix below is Tommy Herman & I on an R/R bridge near South Bend Indiana. I’m going to go to several big jobs from here around the country and work those jobs directly. So when we are not in class, we are going to talk to the union workers directly from all crafts and find out what the hell the level of recruitment is first hand! I may be an old guy, but I can still get it! I don’t think I can – I know I can! Look out 30 year old members. 🙂

So the LINE IN THE SAND is now – this info is critical, no drama here. We have a fair amount of info already, however we would like to get the larger picture so we can know what business players are at the root of this. Can’t pursue effective strategies to stop it unless this is worked thru. Also we can absolutely say now, that some of these industries that pretend to be supportive of the union trades are talking BS & the total market share numbers demonstrate this.

If we comb out the Gulf Coast and Western Canada hours, we are getting blasted in an era of now RECORD spending in construction across the board.

Our next Blog will deal with hard core structured market research using SIC/NAICS codes. This isn’t taught anywhere in the trades and is unbelievable that we send Organizers/Market Development Reps into the field without a comprehensive knowledge of what these codes can provide to EFFECTIVELY win!!!! Can’t even begin to build ANY strategy without it – No wonder we are getting our butts kicked.

“if you see a good fight – get in it”

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising/Labor Combat

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