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The Business Roundtable/CURT a Systematic Destruction of Labor –


Labor Rising’s work builds upon the work and understanding of the Business Roundtable by J.C.Turner, General President – International Union of Operating Engineers, AFL-CIO and his paper titled “The Business Roundtable and American Labor”; May 1979. It gave the Building Trades a roadmap of what to expect should we not heed his counsel on business & labor!

“It has become apparent that a systematic and well planned campaign is being conducted to totally destroy the building trades… the current attack is the result of a decade of planning and groundwork by the Business Roundtable acting in concert with regional and local construction user associations, the contractor associations, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, pro-business academic institutions and their allies in government… Our real enemy is clearly these large industrial concerns, organized as the Business Roundtable, who are using the contractors and their associations as soldiers in the battle. Their purpose is to put the lid on costs by pressuring their construction contractors to slash wages… The Business Roundtable represents a threat not just to the building trades unions but to the trade union movement as a whole… If corporate America can weaken the hard-won gains of this country’s construction unions, the ultimate target will be the entire trade union movement…”   May 1979  Link to JC Turner White Paper – may have to cut & paste if link doesn’t open –

Labor Rising’s research & conclusions are based on years of research of 483 individuals & groups; and is still ongoing. We now have approx. 535 which are being reviewed. This is where our fees for class go, along with technology and program development.

There are hundreds of accounts from mostly veteran trades persons sharing application info with us regarding info they are increasingly have to provide when going to work. Facebook has been a major asset in securing this research. We separated info needed for secured & TWIC sites vs others. Also we have scores of supervision, giving us accounts on how their employer treats their union status among other issues. We also have several accounts from former execs of construction companies; obtained during the course of anti-union workshops about unionized worksites.

Please visit the CURT (Construction Users Roundtable) and see for yourself. What CURT says in our meetings along with their surrogates, is not what is going on behind the scenes which is now very verifiable. “If” they didn’t speak from both sides of their collective mouths – and they truly valued our skills & training – then why isn’t our market share of the work increasing?

NOTE: Need to look at the composite of work put in place. The only exception to this is some of the work in the Gulf States region. These are “net” increases to a few of the trades in that area – however it is drawing major man-power away from other areas of the country, and leaving those areas vulnerable – which is showing up in decreases in market share in those areas. Unless the area population, which is more than enough in the Gulf States to man the majority of that work; and existing non-union companies are forced to be union – then we are relegated to being a staffing entity and further exposing ourselves to mid-term & long term market loses. They are recruiting/scouting the unions tradesperson!

Consider the following:

  1. Major end users, especially CURT (Construction Users Round Table)represented companies, may be compiling multi-year demographical information on our skilled Building Trades workers to include, but not limited to:
    1. Time on the road
    2. Skills, credentials, licenses, training, etc.
    3. Age, background, work history, attendance
    4. Temperament
    5. Flexibility and multi-craft abilities
    6. Union tendencies, i.e., calling Reps, grievances, knowing their rights, etc.
    7. Financial and credit strengths and weaknesses
    8. Many other diverse aspects of employment
  1. Major end users, such as CURT affiliated companies, are major contributors and muscle behind increasing anti-union laws and legislation.
  2. Anti-union consultants and attorneys have been busy training not only anti-union contractors on union avoidance, but also have increasingly focused on union contractors becoming double breasted and/or union free altogether.
  3. Community colleges and vocational training facilities programs are the single largest growth component in post-secondary education, with a substantial increase in training of Building Trades skills.  CURT’s purpose has been to “Empower and enhance the effectiveness of Local User Councils throughout North America”.  Local CURT User Councils have a strong level of interest in the skills training of the community colleges as it relates to building trades training.
  4. Labor-Management cooperation has afforded CURT, which was formed in 2000; a clear and concise look at the inner philosophy of Building Trades unions, including the personality and habits of individual union leaders – all the way up to senior union leadership.
  5. Heavy duty recruitment of the skilled trades is underway with firms such as I hire building trades, Tradesman International, Trillium and a couple more. They are recruiting operations, estimators, GF and foreman etc., on behalf of non-union construction companies. Where do you think they get those names to recruit?

This boom in construction will not parallel former historical increases in market share. Nearly 5 years of research conducted by Labor Rising strongly indicates that the open shop is going to go head to head with us in key union markets, and especially in our remaining bastions of strength, such as Heavy & Highway, Commercial & Industrial.

“if you see a good fight – get in it”

In Solidarity,

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising

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