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A Labor Day Read –

For those Rank & File members along with the Leaders of Locals – here is a White Paper presented in Mid – 2008. It is an excellent and fast read about all the subjects we in the Building Trades discuss daily.

Note: This was produced prior to the market crash at the end of 2008.

Also one of the authors is Dale Belman, of Michigan State University – which is where the Building Trades Academy is hosted. So pro – Building Trades – you may want to pay attention to what his paper calls experimental – but we call our go to strategy.

Why this work is not shared with the Locals and their leaders is a mystery?

Here is the Link – very appropriate for Labor Day.

The combined comments of this White Paper along with the backdrop of JC Turners White Paper is why Labor Rising integrated programs exist.

Here are the White Paper’s area of comments and findings in 18 pages –

The Construction Sector

New Strategies for Building Membership and Recovering Market Share

Adversarial Strategies

Cooperative Strategies with Construction Employers and Owners

Formal Labor-Management Cooperation as a Method of Regaining Market Share

Improving the Value Proposition for Owners

Project Labor Agreements

Strategic Engagement with Owner Associations

Restructuring the Trades

Enlarging Administrative Units to Better Reflect Labor Markets

Changing Members Attitudes

Adapting Occupations to Meet the Challenge of Residential Construction

Organizing immigrant workers without regard to legal status

How These Programs Work Together

“We have discussed adversarial, cooperative and restructuring efforts as distinct and any times

they have been pursued in individually. Experience has shown that these efforts work best when

they are combined into a single effort”

 Why Labor Rising exists – is to put an integrated structure in place for those developing their markets!

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising Group

White Paper

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