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Solve the Problem Brother Mc Garvey –

This video is about a union owned Construction Management Company which can be owned by the local, state, national building trades and at some levels of our internationals and has been edited and ends before it gets into the specific details.

A brief history on a union owned Construction Manager. 23 years ago the Milwaukee Building Trades Council put into place a for profit Construction Management Company called CCM (Complete Construction Management) It was designed, developed and implemented by Brother Brent Emons to combat the construction managers cost/profit as it relates to the total cost of construction. Typically approximately 20% and up are the profits on the total job; or top line revenue.

It was also a marketing tool to get union contractors and workers on the job. “Value on Display” now makes total sense. CCM also provided many solutions to the end-users, one of which was no labor disputes on the job. It acted as a PLA for the job, the legislation attacking PLA’s can go to hell now, because they would not matter. Jurisdiction issues between unions stop on these jobs and can be enforced. It would be the construction manager of choice for any union pension funded jobs and all types of Investment separate account Infrastructure Funds. It would be a force to bid public funded jobs of all types, we would be a friend to the tax payer with high quality and solid cost using local contractors. It was fully implemented and up and running and was hated by the for profit construction managers.

The concept is viable today. In most Building Trades Councils that Labor Rising visits, it is the for-profit construction managers that are squeezing the union subs right off the jobs. The “good cop – bad cop” games played between the end-user, construction manager and the general contractor is consistently pitting one union against another; and union vs non-union.

Plainly stated is that if we again resurrect this strategy for areas that could use it, the for-profit construction manager’s number goes away. This is the biggest number on the job! The Building Trades immediately become competitive without the for-profits profit.

They, the for profits, are going to hate this, however in a lot of areas throughout the country, this will be/is the only vehicle available to use, to get unions on a job. Many other areas need a competitive strategy to market unions and their contractors.

This is not theory or “what if”, the documents exits intact to provide the platform to move quickly and decidedly to implement CCM. Building Trades Councils can be construction managers if done properly. The level of work is there and construction delivery can be changed for all time. It thwarts all anti-union initiatives at all state and federal levels! RTW can go to hell!

The entire legal framework exists, which is hundreds of legal hour’s necessary for CCM to be viable. Done! They are being made available by Mr. Brent Emons to Labor Rising to again provide a forceful, real solution to increase market share. We, Labor, can be our own legal for profit construction manager.

The CCM document includes, but is not limited to:

Articles of Incorporation
Business Plan and 5 year projection
Meeting Notes 1
Meeting Notes 2
Meeting Notes 3
Stockholders Meeting

Hopefully my Brothers & Sisters will educate themselves to this document and its very real ability to re-establish/gain in market share and kick some serious ass!

This is the first time this document has been seen in decades and has been reviewed by counsel; it is a potent weapon for those Building Trades Councils aggressive enough to pursue it, with minimal downside risk.

The concept was 25 years ahead of its time, now is the time to WIN!

Please share this with all Building Trades members!

In Solidarity,

Danny L Caliendo
Senior Instructor/Founder
Labor Rising


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