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A partial posting of a real discussion in class of a developed strategy built to win!

When the Building Trades can apply these bullet points listed below to their market chart (example below is a real building trades union market dealt with in class, 1016 total contractors in the jurisdiction) then and only then can we raise our numbers!

1. Create separation of recognitional intent & understand credibility at the NLRB with the majority of contractors. Why broad based letters and contact does not work for the union – but heavily against the Building Trades union. Value on Display has a limited use and is a tool not a strategy
2. Run Health & Welfare contributions for past 5 years on union contractors
3. Develop SIC Code from industry list “cast a wide net”
4. Start due diligence on the 4 parts of technology/Contractor Marking Campaign
5. Plot by revenue all your non/anti-union & union contractors on Revenue Chart
6. Build industry chart to see your overall market share & density of your work
7. Use multi-color data points which denote all contractors areas of work
8. Develop your unions Compression Zone(s) – drill down to sectors
9. Prioritize which specific sectors of the Compression Zones need market development and/or organizing and specifically what tactics will be used and why – specific contractors names
10. Make determinations about non vs anti-union sentiments within Compression Zones – put marks around plot points to denote sentiments.
11. Watch for exceptions, which may be outside of your Compression Zones, such as specialty contractors & whales that exist in legacy markets. Enter opposition research of contractors
12. Start to find members/ex-members with companies at residential & service markets, to populate that tier –using the pit-bull, puppy strategy coupled with technology
13. Move to develop the technology that your union can to again become relevant in the market and also advance our contractors using that as a strategy
14. Pull flash credit reports on companies in Compression Zones that are non-union
15. Pull developed/full credit reports on anti-union
16. Tee up the anti-union contractors within the Compression Zone(s). There are several tactics which are deployed – just some are mention here
• Top-down & market heavily to end-users, CM, GC & others that influences’ decision adjacent to the Compression Zones
• Cyber bottom-up organizing – a new way to use traditional bottom-up
• Roll in member non-union contractors & any high value non-union contractors with CMP for service & residential markets in this time frame
• Hard professional line in the sand with anti-union contractors end-users, CM & GC that are in the Compression Zone
• Attack hiring with a vengeance with mass apps if available & hard signals that attack and control hiring by the non-anti/union
17. Full on use of social signals for both internal, political and advancing our union contractors – turn on the social signals from the members to dominate the service & residential markets, plus more
18. Switch to Defense Fund use to heavily influence non/anti-union markets – literally
19. ………………………………………

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising Group

Click the picture to see a larger version.

Click the picture to see a larger version.


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