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Fairy Tales –

What’s the difference between a fairy tale and a Building Trades Story? A fairy tale starts out “Once Upon A Time”; and a Building Trades story starts out with “this ain’t no shit!

Labor Rising deals with hard numbers and not BS. Market share numbers and density, which is the more important number, have dropped significantly with the Value on Display and let’s cooperate with big business approach over the last 20 years – PERIOD!

An excerpt from the Blog –

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that in 2013 our unions collectively expanded their ranks by almost 100,000 new members.  Excluding residential construction, our unions now account for roughly 40% of the commercial, heavy, highway and industrial construction markets in the U.S., and we are poised for dramatic growth over the next 10-15 years.”

Wow “roughly 40%” – always depends on how you measure and what you measure to get a number!

The rise in employment in 2013 is mostly due to Rank & File BM and their organizations jettisoning the “business as usual” approach to market share development. Labor Rising knows this first hand because we have now trained 175 unions and 412 of their agents/organizer since May of 2012.

Also if numbers are our measuring stick then the 100,000 increase in 2013 is far below the percentage increase that historically it otherwise would have been, and you have to back out the numbers for technology improvements in construction. Our construction spending is now back at or higher than before the crash in 2008. Translation – we are collectively trying to spin a number to look good when in fact it is not.

The definition of insanity is –

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising

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