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Reason for The Building Trades to Break the Status Quo labor college

  • Approximately 88% of all construction is “open shop”, momentum is not on our side
  • Our membership is on the decline
  • Labor has precious little public support
  • Labor is “odd man out” with regard to legislative initiative’s being taken on our behalf
  • Bottom-up, top-down and CBA concessions of all types – has not worked
  • 24/50 States RTW and the Building Trades has dwindling funds to fight these initiatives
  • Withdrawal liability of our combined pensions, and the effect of the “sunset provisions in 2014”
  • Obamacare effect on our Health & Welfare Funds going forward – from 2014 on
  • The effect of modularization on construction and for the need of highly skilled tradespersons & overall reduced number of workers needed – in the next decade and beyond  

Brothers & Sisters –

We absolutely can win “if” we break the status quo we are stuck in! We win if we:

  • Quit treating those that want to put us out of business as friends/customers     
  • Organize along the lines of credit, clients & social footprint of the “open shop” & hit em in the pocket book – hard – “out of the box”                               labor college
  • Use technology as only we can & leverage our remaining numbers into a formidable force that can literally affect the construction industry – now – “out of the box”
  • Become the construction manager/general contractors and deal directly with “end-users”/customers and solve the problem – now – “out of the box”
  • Know that modularization is here and adjust to, and become leaders in advancing what is taking place with our training. True value added – “out of the box”
  • Knowing that the politicians will only be back when we raise money/power & membership/votes
  • Re-establish our respect by earning it – in a capitalist society if you’re not fighting for your rights – your dying
  • Leave our “egos at the door” – it’s about winning now! Leaders step forward!

Please consider watching the following U tube videos on:     LaborCombat        TechCombat     CombatConstruction

We need much more than Facebook postings and complaints to advance union interests.  Time to break the status quo.                                                                                labor college

Please share with any other interested unions & thank you brother.                   labor college

Time to win!

 “if you see a good fight – get in it”


Danny L Caliendo

Senior Organizer/Founder

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