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RE: Open Letter to the Building Trades President Regarding Combat Construction Labor College

Dear Brother McGarvey,

RE: Open Letter to the Building Trades President Regarding Combat Construction

Formal Announcement

Once we get past the national elections, please consider the following concept for substantial increases in market share throughout the country; including RTW states.

It is part of a 3 tier strategy to get our jobs back.                               Labor College

@LaborCombat is an organizing strategy that organizes along the lines of a non/anti-unions credit, clients and social footprint. It is asymmetrical organizing vs “force on force”. We do not apologies for organizing a company through all legal and lawful methods. We do not beg for our jobs!

#TechCombat is an internet marketing strategy to get our signatory contractors in a substantial position to dominate the construction market. All major industries use this form of marketing except unions!                                                                Labor College

#CombatConstruction, aka Complete Construction Management. This was designed, developed and implemented by Brother Brent Emons and a very forward thinking Building Trades inMilwaukee approximately 22 years ago. He gave @LaborCombat this document to upgrade and re-examine for release.

He is available to consult on this document, with pro & cons, with the various building trades councils. However all communication will flow thru me first, to comb out calls which are not serious about working with this document.

The documents for the non-profit construction management firm will be release over the next 2 weeks.                                                                                      Labor College

The firm (Complete Construction Management) was in business. @LaborCombat had this platform re-examined to check on any changes in the laws which would render this illegal. We can’t check all 50 states; however the consensus is that it is still very viable.

Some early non-profit structures were illegal (due to construction) and so there are some that feel all are illegal, not the case.

What is of interest is that it will cost a minimum amount of money to see if this is a viable platform, relative to the approximately 1,090 hours of legal work necessary to build this original document; not to mention over 2 years of work to bring it to fruition. This platform can be used in specific markets and/or market wide for low market share areas.

Brothers & Sisters, we are the builders! We don’t need the Construction Manager, they need us!

Please feel free to distribute this to any interested building trades councils.


All Facebook friendly Building Trades members, please forward the documents that are going to be released to all leadership.

 ”if you see a good fight – get in it”


Danny L Caliendo

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