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Organizing and Communication with “open shop workers” Labor College

If we start with the understanding that organizing success is primarily strategy driven, and that a written, multi-faceted organizing strategy has to be in place for both market- wide and company-specific campaigns, then communications at all levels is at the core of organizing. No rocket science here.                                                                        Labor College

However, brothers & sisters, when you look at our local unions’ & internationals’ websites you will find that it is very difficult to connect with an organizer directly!

In developing my strategy for @LaborCombat & #TechCombat, I have visited well over 1390 individual union websites. Of those, there are only 38 sites, like Sheet Metal Workers 19, where you can get in touch directly with an organizer within 3 clicks, once on their homepage.

When an “open shop” employee feels the need to talk with an organizer, there should be NO FILTERS of any kind. The “open shop” employee is not going to fill out an email form with personal info on it to be sent off into cyberspace – not happening. Likewise, they are not going to call the general union’s phone number. They are too afraid to give out information to several layers of gatekeepers. They hate dealing with a menu of phone options and will not pursue connecting with an organizer.  Also, if they are grilled by the gatekeeper, or passed from one union office person to the next – good-bye.                      

 When an “open shop” workers calls, we have one shot to get them connected directly with an organizer, and one shot only!                                                              Labor College

As I said, only 38 of the 1390 sites I’ve personally visited, like SMW 19, have the infrastructure in place so that when an “open shop” employee calls or emails he or she is directly connected to an organizer – unfiltered!                                   Labor College

A huge part of organizing and increasing market share is communications; however, when the non-union employee gets over their fear and calls your union, who is answering the call and/or email?

 ”if you see a good fight – get in it”


Danny L Caliendo

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