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“But to secure those opportunities, Brothers and Sisters, we will have to fight the biggest battle of our lives. The economy and the growing power and influence of the super-rich have knocked us and the American Middle Class to our knees.

But as we have always done throughout our history,America’s Building Trades Unions are once again rising up in a fierce defense of the great American Middle Class. In the face of relentless and hostile fire, our unions are forging a new path forward. One jobsite, and one election, at a time.

Like the Allies launching the great D-Day assault onEurope, the time has come to fix bayonets and make our charge, brothers and sisters.

And make no mistake about it, victory will be achieved in the trenches…inch by inch.

The great battle begins this summer and continues on to Election Day. But, the broader war will continue past November and it will be fought in every state, city, and hamlet – large and small.

We can’t match their money…and we don’t control the media. But, what we do have is a compelling story to tell. And it will be our intention to tell that story in our communities – one member, and one family, at a time.

In that sense, we need to view ourselves as modern-day Paul Reveres. In effect, we must be the messengers of a 21st century American Revolution. The only difference is this time the Red Coats are already here!!!

And by God, there is nobody on this Earth that can do the job better than we can. It may not seem fair that such a heavy burden is being placed upon us, but these are the responsibilities that come with the oath of membership in our unions.

WE ARE THE BUILDING TRADES… Brothers and Sisters!



BCTD President McGarvey Addresses 2012 National Legislative Conference

As important as politics is, organizing should be the top priority of all of organized labor and especially the Building Trades, now and past November.  We need to raise membership (votes), money and have an organized and coordinated effort that defends all workers; union or not!

Politics will be a moot point should we continue to count solely on those politicians which can not be counted on because we’re bleeding votes & money.

 What hangs in the balance is the biggest “pot of cash” the rebuilding of the American infrastructure.                                                                                    Labor College              

 Democrats and Independents need to secure a working majority in all 3 chambers of government to advance an agenda which is the equal of a modern day New Deal.

There are very few issues in this country which can’t be solved with a good pay check & benefits!

The GOP will do, and have done everything in their power to block any legislation for infrastructure. They know that if President Obama can get any traction with regard to infrastructure that their influence will die a quick death. We as Americans can build our way out of this crisis, and go on a 3 decade or more run to upgradeAmerica.

Past innuendo, fear and divisive politics the GOP still comes up short with the American people. The GOP only needs the Presidency and at least 1 chamber of congress to advance their vision of the rebuilding ofAmericawhich isn’t worker friendly.

These junk yard dogs have even cannibalized their own initiatives and legislation and have crafted an incredible message. The newly named Obamacare is in every way a GOP health care plan. First please remember the former health care plan was hated by everyone on both sides of the aisle, and by both labor & management. The health care plan passed inMassachusetts was a GOP plan across the board. It was even good with the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation. It was passed by a republican governor, Mitt Romney and has effectively remained unchanged since then. What is striking is that for all the complaints about Obamacare, I don’t hear anything from the citizens and businesses of Massachusetts.                                                                                           Labor College

Karl Rove has totally flipped an issue upside down (health care), and laid it on the doorsteps of the Democrats.

Brother Sean McGarvey is calling the troops to battle. Working people, both union and not, need to heed his message. If we don’t get up off our asses and fight, then we will be responsible to history and we will not fare well Brothers & Sisters!

 “if you see a good fight – get in it”


Danny L Caliendo

Senior Organizer/Founder

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